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Side effects of Statin Drugs

Brands of Statin Medications

Statin Physiological Mechanism

Legacy Effect

Other methods for treating cholesterol problems,

Pleiotropic Effects.

How easily are statins tolerated?

Muscles and Statins

Statins for Young Adults

Statins for the Elderly

Statins for Primary Prevention - the Discussion.

How to look at research results

Do cholesterol drugs make it tougher to exercise?

Statins for COPD

Managment of high cholesterol

Statins and Cancer

Effects on memory

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Statin Answers: Straight Facts About Cholesterol Drugs

Learn about the side effects and benefits of statin drugs that millions of people take to control their cholesterol. Statin Answers presents scientifically grounded, yet easy-to-understand facts about these drugs. Read all sides of the ongoing debate within the medical community debate about who should take these medications and whether the costs exceed the benefits.

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